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;) we will always here for help ! even if I am not good at recognizing ts3 stuffs lol.You can count on me pm me if you need.
Thank so much! Will do.
you are welcome I can’t wait to see what beautiful rooms you will create with the objects you seeked at bps
I have so many pics for wcif i have to take it easy! I search everyday for more cc.
as wonderful as your ts2 décor !

Thanks so much Kweenie!

daturaobscura: Don't know why it took me till now to follow you??!?? My ts2 game is *full* of your beautiful recolors. And your interior pictures are drool-worthy. You are seriously inspirational. Ok, I'm done fangirling...

OMG!!!! Thanks so much! I am a HUGEEEE fan of your Interior design, i mean i just want to die with so much awesomeness, your pics take my breath away every single time!