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Hello sweethearts, it is time for gifts once again. I converted for you several lovely objects from TS3. : )

Original TS3 links:

-Gelina Hemingway Chair
-Gelina Bamboo Chair
-Gelina Small Snake Plant & Cactus ADDON: endtable
-Marcussims91 April Fools Day set ADDON: smaller bamboo vase
-Pseudodigs rugs- 1, 2 (not all converted, see swatch which I btw nicked from pseudo)
-Pseudodigs painting (original creator unknown, painting has different textures than the original TS3 one)


  • Compressed
  • 99,9% sure everything is BG
  • Collection file for MS91 vases incl.
  • Multipliers for chairs incl.
  • Chairs have two recolourable parts- seat and back
  • Plants and chairs have a black recolour
  • Vase on the endtable not incl., get it here
  • The Coastal plants might have a weird icon ingame, but object itself is working perfectly

Enjoy & thank you for following! <3 Please inform if anything’s wrong.


That aside, I have some other things to say as well. I’ve decided that I need to take a good break from the Sims and the community, so I’m going on a semi-long hiatus(several months). I really need to start focusing more on my art, but I just love Sims too much and they distract me from important things. I’ll never get anywhere in my life if I continue like this : ( I’ll log out of this SIMBLR soon and go to my ARTBLR ”permanently”(no switching accounts), so I won’t be seeing nor liking your lovely posts, sorry : (

You’ll find me here ,in case you ever want to ask/chat/stalk me : ))

Take care sugarcubes, see you soon! <333

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So i was wondering what meshes would you guys want more recolors of? I have the recoloring fever but i am not sure what to recolor. Any suggestions will be welcome!

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